Lab Machine Problems

How do I check quota in my account
quota -v
Command line login is working but GUI login not working

First check the quota by using quota -v command. If quota exceeds, then remove some files and check.

If you have enough space, then try to remove the following gnome related hidden files in your home directory:



How do I configure IITB Wired network?

Go through the steps given in the link IITB Wired Network Configuration

How do I connect to Internet?

Follow following steps:

How do I connect to the Internet on a non-GUI based server or Virtual Machine?

Go through the steps given in the link IITB Internet without GUI

How do I connect to IITB Wireless?

Go through the steps given in the link IITB Wireless Configuration

How to login to a PC inside IIT from outside?

Follow following steps:

How do I book labs for any event?

To book labs for events follow the following procedure.

  1. To book for any event you need to file a bug.
  2. State the event details in the mail - timing and a short description
  3. State the requirements - number of participants or any package installation
  4. Take key permission, prior to the event, for opening labs if booking period is beyond office hours
  5. For any other specific query, after filing a bug, come and meet us at the Sysads' room in the NSL.
Response to your request will be sent over mail.
Require assistance regarding installation of packages for some course on your personal machines?

Mostly the installations are straight forward like installing from repos.
In case of complicacy, you may seek help from sysads to know the steps.
Generally there will be one (or more) sysad responsible for the course. Please get in touch with the concerned person. Otherwise, if not pertaining to any particular course, it shall be good to file a bug. to set up a meeting or you may visit the Sysad office during office hours.

How do I use GSuite Meet for video conferencing?

Go through the steps given here.

How do I use LG Interactive TVs in Kresit Meeting Rooms?

LG Interactive TVs Usage Instructions here.

Instruction of using styluspen here.