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How do I get my CSE account?

For CSE students, an account is created as part of the department registration process.
For interns, project staff, postdoc, research scholars, students from other departments etc. please fill your details at Request for CSE account to get a CSE account.

What does a CSE account provide?

When you join us, you will have two accounts: the Institute-provided account (usually called IITB LDAP account), and our department account (correspondingly called the CSE LDAP account). The institute account provides access to instute resources such as the GPO webmail, Moodle, ASC websites, etc. The department accounts provide access to:

  • CSE Webmail
  • Lab systems
  • ~10GB of space on your home folder (accessible from lab systems and your webpage)
  • CSE Git server
How do I change my CSE password?

Goto the Change Password page. Login with your CSE id. You can also use SSH to log in to the Mars server or any of the lab systems and use the passwd command.

How do I change my IITB LDAP password?

Goto http://camp.iitb.ac.in/cgi-bin/index.cgi. Login with LDAP id and follow the link for Change password.

How do I check my home directory quota usage?

Login to any OSL/NSL machine and execute quota -s.

I received an email asking for my password. What should I do?

Do not reply to such mails. Sysads will never ask for passwords. Do not give passwords in emails.

Expiry of CSE LDAP accounts
  • For students:

    CSE logins (mars and mail account) of passed-out students will be kept for 6 months. All files and mails will be removed after 6 months from CSE Servers (January 1 of every year). Files will be kept for 6 more months (June 30 of every Year) on our backup server. Alumni ids will be created in May every year. Alumni id is userid followed by year of joining.

  • For Project Staff and External Users:

    A mail is sent to Faculty In-charge of the project every 4 months to update the list of project staff under him/her. Ids, files and mails of staff who have left the project are removed from CSE servers. Files will be kept for 3 more months on our backup server.